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This past Saturday, as the media was awaiting the arrival of Coach Marcus Freeman, a tweet went out from the Notre Dame Football program naming Tyler Buchner as the starter for the 2022 Notre Dame Football Team.

Coach Freeman was asked about the decision to name Buchner the starter. Coach Freeman stated it was not a “7 practice decision.” He said that it was “something we looked at last year, looked at in spring, looked at the summer and start of fall camp. We just felt like it was time. It was time to give the offense clarity on who’s going to be the starting quarterback.”

Coach Rees was asked about the evaluation process in naming the starting quarterback. “I would say that this process goes a lot further than just the week. We’ve been evaluating it for probably close to a year. Naming a starting quarterback is important. Not only for the team, but for that individual and the direction we’re moving forward on offense.” “We felt like Tyler gives us the best chance.” We had a practice a couple days ago where…we felt like, Ok, this is what it’s going to look like and this is where we can operate at our best. We made the decision as a staff and as a group, and we’re full steam ahead.”

Tyler Buchner mentioned that the quarterbacks were made aware of the decision on Friday night. “Throughout this whole process since I’ve been here, you know, this whole thing, just thinking about growth and learning and getting better every single day. Luckily throughout this whole time I’ve had an amazing friend and competitor in Drew Pyne. And every single day he pushes me to get better. He pushes me to spend more time in the building, watch film with him, we compete every single day. He’s worked unbelievably hard, and I couldn’t be happier to have him on the team.”

QB1 Tyler Buchner and the Fighting Irish will take on The Ohio State University Buckeyes on September 3 at 7:30 p.m. in Columbus, Ohio.

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