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A New QB1 for Notre Dame Football

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

In the waning minutes of last Saturday’s game against Marshall, Quarterback Tyler Buchner was tackled, and his non-throwing shoulder hit the ground with force. Those in attendance knew it wasn’t good, as Buchner rose up from the turf, his shoulder was hanging low. (It was reported that Steve Angeli was seen holding Buchner’s elbow to help stabilize it on the sidelines.) Then Back-up quarterback Drew Pyne came into the game. The rally was unsuccessful, and the Fighting Irish Football team is now 0-2. There is a chance for a new beginning to the season as the Cal Bears come into town this weekend for what has now become the annual “IRISH WEAR GREEN” game. For the first time in this tradition, the Fighting Irish Football team will actually be wearing green jerseys.

On Tuesday evenings this year, certain players are made available to the media at the Player’s Press Conference. Another change happened, and Defensive Coordinator Al Golden, and Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach Tommy Rees (ND ’13) were also made available. The two coordinators will now be present at every Tuesday press conference going forward. Media was also notified that Special Teams Coordinator Brian Mason will be making appearances at these press conferences, although not every week.

One of the biggest questions on Irish fans’ minds is how are things going to go with now QB 1 Drew Pyne.

Coach Tommy Rees spoke of losing Tyler Buchner. “Terrible. You never want to see anybody hurt. Especially someone who has put in all the work, the time, and does everything the right way like Tyler does. You know we all feel for him, the whole program feels for him. I think when you’re starting quarterback gets hurt, everybody rallys around him. We got a great team of doctors, staff. The supports been unbelievable for him. I know he’s doing well. We’ll continue to support him, be there for him, I know he’ll practice recovery and get back as quickly as he can.”

Coach Rees had also mentioned earlier in the season, when he was talking about the decision to make Tyler Buchner the starting quarterback, that Notre Dame needs Drew Pyne. He doesn’t know when, doesn’t know how, but Drew was going to get his turn.

Coach Rees said a full week of prep is critical for a quarterback. He’s (Drew Pyne) “going to take a ton of ownership on this, and he’s going to do a great job throughout the week and be prepared for Saturday.:

QB 1 Drew Pyne was also present at the press conference. He talked about his mindset going in and being “thrown” into this situation. “You know, my mindset has never changed since I got here. Always be prepared and as ready as possible for any point that I need to help the team, so, I’m just going to keep preparing and treating practice like a game every single day and get our team ready to go out there and have success.” Drew said there is nothing different this week for him. “I think it’s easy to fall into a trap, to think that it’s different, whether it’s mentally or you know really anything, but, I’m just taking it as I’ve prepared as hard as I can, no matter what situation I’ve been in, and you know I’ve got to obviously lead the guys on the practice field, and push them to practice as hard as we can every single day, and that’s what I’m focused on right now.”

Drew Pyne grew up a Notre Dame fan. He talked about what this opportunity means to him now, being the starting quarterback at Notre Dame. “You know, it means a lot, It’s an honor to be able to help this team win, but for me, all this is, like I said, easy to fall into a trap, to have this all affect me in many different ways, but you know, I’m focused on one thing, and that’s preparing as hard as I can for Cal, and practice as hard as I can to be able to have success this weekend.”

The Fighting Irish will take on the Cal Bears this weekend at Notre Dame Stadium. Kick-off will be at 2:30 p.m. (EST), and on NBC and Peacock TV.

**Also of note, it was announced that Notre Dame great, Manti Teo will return to campus this weekend. He will join the team for the pre-game mass, and participate in the Victory March to Notre Dame Stadium. Manti will also speak briefly to the crowd from the small stage that is in front of the reflecting pool by Touchdown Jesus. Get there early to take part!

As always, GO IRISH!

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