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Coach Chansi Stuckey and Wide Receivers - Press Conference Monday, August 15, 2022

At today’s press conference, Coach Stuckey characterized the wide receivers as “competitive and hungry.” He’s pleased at how well they buy into his coaching.

On the loss of Avery Davis, he stated that his absence leaves a “big hole” in the receiving corps, but that other players such as Braden Lenzy, Lorenzo Styles and Deion Colzie have been stepping up in practice to fill that hole. He was particularly impressed with Lorenzo’s improvement in speed and better hands on the ball.

Coach Stucki is pleased that the starting quarterback, Tyler Buchner, has been named already because it gives the receivers a chance to develop a rapport with Tyler and get used to the “critical nuances” in his style of play.

Braden Lenzy was up next. He stated that he’s trying to step up and be a leader for the younger players in the absence of Avery Davis. He feels that Coach Stuckey has made him “better and faster in his release packages.” Braden’s goal this year is to simply become a dependable receiver who’s able to better recognize coverage packages. He is also very impressed with Buchner’s playmaking ability.

Jayden Thomas spoke to the fact that he’s more familiar with the playbook in his second year. He stated that Coach Stuckey has taught them how to read signals from the defensive backs, such as their eyes and how they place their feet and moves their hips. He said that he has an improved mentality this year and strives to get “1% better each day.”

Matt Salerno is learning how to disguise his routes and is looking forward to working with Tyler since they’re both “California guys!” He also said that the receivers have confidence in both Buchner and Drew Pyne.

Finally, Lorenzo Styles commented that he sees himself as smarter, faster and stronger this year. He stated that all the players have learned to trust one another and ‘believe in ourselves.” He also repeated the “1% better each day” goal that obviously has been created by Coach Stuckey.

All of this was encouraging to hear from the position group many fans are most concerned about. The loss of Avery Davis is devastating to both the team and him personally. Things seem to be improving under the watchful eye of Coach Chansi Stuckey.

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