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It’s been TWO long years since the Irish have met on the field of battle against the Trojans! The last time Notre Dame and USC played was October 12, 2019. The IRISH eked out a win over the Trojans that night, 30-27, with Tony Jones Jr. rushing for a career high 176 yards and Jonathan Doerer (the HERO from the Virginia Tech win) kicking three long field goals. The teams didn’t play each other last year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

There are college football rivalries, and then there’s the Notre Dame – USC rivalry. It just hits differently. Notre Dame and Southern Cal first played each other on December 4, 1926 out in sunny Los Angeles. That meeting resulted in a 13-12, Notre Dame victory in which legendary Notre Dame Head Coach, Knute Rockne, has been quoted as saying it was the “greatest game” he ever saw. There have been legendary games between the two rivalries. Some incredible, and some down right heartbreaking. (We’re talking about the 2005 game that we’d all like to permanently erase from our memories).

The players know what an epic game and rivalry this is, and they KNOW that they must protect the House that Rockne Built. Kyle Hamilton said on Tuesday that “we’re blessed to play USC again. It’s one of, if not the biggest college football rivalries in the country. To get to play them at home twice, and not have to go out to Cali, and have them come here. It’s supposed to be a little cold. Guys last year haven’t been able to experience the rivalry. Guys this year have been looking forward to it; that’s the reason they came here, to play in big games like that (this).” George Takacs was asked about playing such an enormous rival. “That’s huge for me,” Takacs said, “For me, growing up a Notre Dame fan, I always…watched USC games. For me to know I’m going to go in and play, it’s a dream come true.” Avery Davis was asked if there was a little more “juice” in the locker room this week. Davis said, “Yeah, we’re excited. It’s a rivalry game. It’s an historic game. I’m super excited. We’re all ready to go.”

Notre Dame and USC kick off tomorrow night at 7:30pm ET on NBC. Game time forecast is predicted to be in the high 30’s/low 40’s. We know that the luck of the weather is on our side, by also the LUCK OF THE IRISH as we will watch our team march ONWARD to VICTORY tomorrow night! GO IRISH! BEAT TROJANS! KEEP THE JEWELED SHILLELAGH!

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