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Player Interviews - 8-30-22

This Saturday, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football team will take on the Ohio State University Buckeyes. It’s a big game for the Fighting Irish, and they have a lot to prove.

Notre Dame heads into Columbus under the leadership of (new) Head Coach Marcus Freeman. It’s not his “debut as the Head Coach,” but it’s not only his first “season opener,” he’s also leading the team into enemy territory, at his ALMA MATER!

In Monday’s press conference, Coach Freeman said that the Irish have to be able to run the ball against Ohio State.

At Tuesday’s player media availability, running back Chris Tyree was asked about Coach’s statement. Tyree replied, “It’s (definitely) something you want to hear from your head coach. Just knowing he has confidence in us, giving us the opportunity to affect the game in really big situations like that, is really exciting."

Tyler Buchner was asked about what in his career has prepared him for taking the field against Ohio State Saturday night. “The first thing that comes to mind is probably the Virginia Tech game. I’d say that’s the most similar experience I’ve had in my life. You know, I’d say you know, every single rep, every game or practice I’ve done playing football, because at the end of the day, you know (be)cause we’re going to the place, as Coach Freeman (would) say, the field’s 53 1/3 by 120, and you know, I’m just there playing football.”

Buchner was also asked about after being named the starting quarterback, had it “freed him up mentally in the preparation for the game.” Buchner said, “I’d say a little bit. But you know, this whole off season, this whole process, whether or not I was going to be named the starter, I was going to continue to prepare, you know, come out and do the best I could, and you know, today, if I wasn’t named the starter, I’d still be preparing the same way I am now, and I know that Drew is doing that as well. You know, it’s just continue to prepare like you are the starter, no matter what your position is.”

We didn’t catch Jayson Ademilola’s “We feel like we’re the strongest, most bad ass mother f*cker's in the country” quote. But he did put into perspective the excitement of this week. “You know, this week's a big opportunity for the program, for the guys in this locker room, and obviously it’s been #1 on our schedule for long time. Everybody has been excited. But you know, with this great opportunity, comes with hard work, and a lot of sacrifice that we paid in the past, we’ve just been going at it, working hard, and take this opportunity to go forward."

Notre Dame plans to have a walk through on Friday, and then it’s mental prep for Ohio State. We believe the team is ready.


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